Associates in General Surgery was founded in 1984 by Kent H. Azaren, MD. Dr. Azaren retired from practice in 2017. The time honored tradition of feeling for our patients and caring for them as whole human beings continues even today at AIGS.

A team of skilled hands and kind hearts…

Seeing patients on time is very important to us. We understand and value your time as much as our own.
We have a friendly, experienced, bilingual office staff who have been working with patients and their families for years. They can answer many of your pre-operative and post-operative concerns and they understand the apprehension you may feel.

Our staff offers caring, concerned and practical help when it is needed the most. It is this extra service that truly defines our medical practice.

Our post-operative care includes:

  • thorough, caring follow-up visits
  • phone calls, once you are home to see how you are feeling
  • appropriate lifestyle or nutrition recommendations to put you in control of your health

Improving your health and quality of life

You cannot choose how or when injury or illness might enter your life, but when it does, it’s comforting to know there are excellent options to help you to deal with these problems.

When surgery is the correct choice, selecting the right surgeon becomes paramount. As your surgeon, we offer:

  • pre-operative explanations you understand
  • a skillful touch in the operation room
  • post-operative compassion when you need it
  • and a genuinely caring attitude about how well and how long you live the rest of your life

Exploring alternatives to surgery

For most people, surgery is a treatment option at least once in a lifetime, but it is not always the only solution for a particular injury or illness.

We know that each individual is unique and that surgery may not always be the ideal solution. That is why we give you both surgical and non-surgical options.

If there is a way to avoid surgery, with a lifestyle change or medication, we give you the necessary tools to help you make an intelligent decision.

We seek to understand your personal preferences and work with you and your primary care physician to find the most appropriate treatment for your condition.

If a decision is made for surgery, you are scheduled in a timely manner because we know you want to get back to your active lifestyle as soon as possible.